kabahshareefShaykh Al-Kalbaani, former Imaam of the Ka'bah, at a conference in London was telling us this story:

When he was young, he was a very naughty boy. He would make his mother angry. But his mother, Allah bless her, was a very righteous woman and she knew the power of Du'a.

She made it her habit that, in her anger at him, she would say this Du'a: "May Allah guide YOU! And make you the IMAAM of the Ka'bah!"

Imaam Al-Kalbani told us, "so Allah answered her du'a and I went on to become the Imam of the Ka'bah!"

Allahu Akbar!

Shaykh Adil Kalbani is black, and the son of a poor immigrant from the Persian Gulf. In an interview with NYTimes, Shaykh Kalbani said,

"Leading prayers at the Grand Mosque is an extraordinary honor, usually reserved for pure-blooded Arabs from the Saudi heartland."

He was taken aback when he came to know that King Abdullah had chosen him as the first black Imaam of Masjid al-Haram (in recent times), he added. Masha Allah!

Ponder This ---> Dont curse your children when they misbehave..it might backfire! I know of someone who told her son to 'go die', & regretted it later when he passed away the same day. Subhaan Allah!

Watch your words dear parents. Make it a habit to utter good du'as for them...Yup, even when you're angry with them!!

The Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alayhi wasallam) said,

"Three supplications will not be rejected (by Allah Subhaan wa Ta'ala), the supplication of the parent for his child, the supplication of the o­ne who is fasting, and the supplication of the traveler." [al-Bayhaqi, Tirmidhi - Saheeh]

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