I challenge you to make a glass of 100% pure orange juice... without using oranges to help you.

And you can't squeeze the orange or use a machine.

Rather, you have to blow up the orange and then somehow glass it, for those of you who are keen.

...Even if that's something incomprehensible and unseen.

Challenge accepted or rejected?

Even before you accept the challenge I have indeed already won!

Because without physically squeezing the orange juice into a glass, it can't be done.

Similarly sit in a car all day long without fuel,

it’s not going to move an inch because that’s the rule!

A car cannot move without external intervention -

so how can the universe exist by itself, without being a part of the creation.

How can anything be made by itself so new?

The human is so weak, he can’t produce a baby by himself, it takes two.

In  fact, the One Creator just says ‘Be’, and then it's in full view.

You deny God, so who created the sun and the moon... and you.

The fish began swimming, the kangaroo hopped, the man walked, and the bird flew.

1400 years ago in a desert, the Qur’aan was revealed to an Unlettered Prophet.

He who had no access to microscopes, universities, and other technology, not even a rocket.

Revelation came to him regarding the sun, the moon and the stars.

That's why he knew about the creation of the universe and things unseen.

For example, centuries back they did not know that the earth was round;

Read the Quran,  in it this scientific fact can be found (79:30).

Back in those days who could have carried out such an inspection?

Science today says it's right, that the light of the moon is from the sun, it’s a reflection.

All this was revealed in the Qur'aan, the book of perfection.

Furthermore, much money and plenty of  detailed research informed scientists: “One primary nebula and one explosion."

If they had read the Qur'aan, the unchanged word of God, it had already informed:

“The heavens and the earth were one, together

Then they were told to asunder” (Chapter 21)

A primary nebula and an explosion.

So we see that the big bang theory and the Almighty have a connection.

It happened by God’s Will!

Without His Will there would be nothing,

indeed there would be nil!


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