leaf67One of the main times that people are afflicted with magic is when they visit their countries of origin. Problems often start when they return.

There are various reasons why people usually do magic on others:

1) Out of sheer jealousy that you come from a western country or that you are happy and they are not. Shaytaan drives them out of hatred and jealousy to try and destroy what they themselves cannot have

2) Due to marriage - perhaps they wanted you to marry their child but you refused or you married someone else - so now they want to destroy your marriage or prevent you from marrying at all

3) Family feuds - there may have been conflict in the past and they are seeking revenge for something

4) The individual is purely evil and seeks to spread mischief and the handiwork of shaytaan on the earth. Sadly there are many people like this

In order to combat this there are a few things we should do

1) Maintain the 5 daily prayers and adhkar and increase in dua. Place your full trust in Allah and know that nobody can harm you except by the permission of Allah

2) Be extremely careful who prepares your food - if possible make it yourself or allow someone who you trust deeply to make it

3) Do not eat at the homes of other people unless you absolutely trust them and know them well - even still you should be be very careful. It is extremely easy to eat magic from the house of a person who seemed keen to entertain you as his guest because you came from abroad

4) Categorically do NOT allow anyone around your personal belongings especially underwear etc. Do not give any of your things to anyone if they ask for them and treat any missing items with suspicion. You should know who is coming in / out of your place of residence at all times

5) Do not allow people to take pictures of you for them to keep

This may seem very suspicious but it is the reality - we need to be cautious and careful but at the same time we shouldn't suspect everyone. Suspicion should not come into it without real reasons to be suspicious - otherwise just take your precautions and place your full trust in Allah alone.

May Allah protect us and our families. Aameen.