She was one of the the teachers of the Shaykhs Ibn Taymiyyah, Al-Mizzi, and al-Dhahabee, al-Birzaali, and other famous scholars of that time.

Mohammad Akram Nadwi, in his book ‘al-Muhaaddithat’ wrote,

‘…Imaam ibn Taymiyyah (d. 728) probably the greatest thinker and jurist of his time, received hadeeth from a number of women and included some hadeeths from them in his Forty Hadeeths. He expressed very high esteem for their knowledge, understanding and intelligence, as well as their righteousness and piety, and he praised some of them fulsomely for their efforts in preaching and reform…’ (Pg 141, Al-Muhaddithat: the women scholars of Islam by Mohammad Akram Nadwi.)

-She also taught her grand daughter, who in turn turned into one of the later Muhadithaat. (LEDER et al., Mu’jam al-samaa’at al-Dimashqiyyah, 50, 215)

-She taught in Madrasah al-Mismariyyah in Jumaadah al-OolaA 688.