Protection from Evil People, Evil Jinn, Shaytaan and Magic

Quranhifdh55Her home was busy and bustling with the excitement of a marriage which was to take place in just a few hours. Her husband's nephew was getting married; they had come from abroad and hence, were staying in her home for two weeks. She was more than happy to entertain them as her husband meant so much to her, he was a man of gentle disposition...although he had his moments of restlessness, to put it mildly. Without thinking much she gave in to her teenage daughter's persistent nagging and went with her to a professional make-up artist, all the while delaying her 'Asr prayer.

As she allowed the make-up artist to sweep her face with cosmetics, she began to increasingly become worried. All the guests were to arrive in her home by 6pm and from there go to the wedding hall. It was already 5.30pm and the way back home was long, on top of which they didn't have anyone to collect them. She hadn't realized the time fly by as she had gotten into a discussion with the make-up artist. In all of the excitement of the wedding she hadn't also read her portion of the Qur'aan, something which weighted heavily on her heart.

As it began to rain, she quickly contacted her husband. He was not in a good mood. All the guests had arrived...the sisters were left without any host to serve them with cold drinks. In fact, they were all repeatedly asking about her. She then rang her nephew with her desperate plea; on the way back her nephew advised her to try and abate her husband's hunger by remaining politely silent. As she arrived home, it was pouring with rain. She slowly began to open the car door, only to find her husband and son waiting at the door, she was hours late. All the guests had left. The wedding had begun - her husband and son were not in a good mood.

It was only later on that she realized how important the Qur'aan was in her life. Because she hadn't been keeping up with her recitation and memorization of the Qur'aan it had slipped her mind that in between the verses which mention divorce in Surah Al-Baqarah a verse mentions the middle pray, i.e. the Salatul-'Asr. The scholars mentioned that the one who doesn't read Salatul-'Asr on time, and delays it out of its' time, will see the effect of this sin in one one's marital life.

Being a student of knowledge, she realized the connection.


I was with this sister while most of this was happening. This lady strongly believed that it was because she hadn't safeguarded her Salatul-'Asr that a strain had developed on her relationship with her husband, which could have resulted in something more serious. For, satan walks into the heart when anger is present and when Allaah's Name is not mentioned.

In the previous article we discussed how sustaining a sincere attachment and connection with the Qur'aan, and leading lives while knowing that the Qur'aan is a form of Dhikr (Remembrance), can keep us away from indulging in destructive sins. We covered how memorizing the Qur'aan can become a safeguard, an obstacle and an impediment from falling into the abysses and deep dark pitfall chasms of satan. Evil can at times easily overcome our hearts and distort our sense of judgment and our sense of right and wrong. It destroys our peace and happiness and brings about regret, grief, worry and depression. And indeed, Allah is All-Forgiving, the Merciful.

{And whosoever turns away (blinds himself) from the remembrance of the Most Beneficent (Allâh) (i.e. This Qur'ân and Worship of Allâh), we appoint for him Shaitân (Satan ­ devil) to be a Qarîn (an intimate companion) to Him.}

[Az-Zukhruf, [043]:036]

Now our next step in these series, dear sisters, is to venture on to a further benefit of memorizing the Qur'aan, namely: that it's a safeguard and protection from magic, satan and his workers from the evil jinn, and the immoral and wicked people from amongst mankind.

Sins are the opposite of good deeds; good deeds bring about blessings and respect – both for oneself and in the eyes of others by the Mercy of the Almighty. In stark contrast, sins bring about ignominy, destruction and unrest. Hence, one of the direct results of leading a life away from the words of Allaah is that a person finds themself stuck, without clear and concise solutions, without clear focus and aims, and without solutions to problems which are cancerous. Problems which, slowly and quietly are eating away at the fabric of our community, and most dangerously, hidden away within the walls and private domains of Muslim homes.

Today, as couples are still facing unrest, turmoil and troubling issues in their homes there is a growing need for "couple therapy" and "couple's counseling". These issues can range from anywhere between repetitive arguments, feelings of distance or emptiness in the relationship, pervasive feelings of anger, resentment and/or dissatisfaction or lack of interest in affection or in physical relationship with one another. At times, these issues in turn then become so big that not only do they take away peace and tranquility from the home, but sadly break the home. It's tragic that Muslims are not resorting first and foremost to the Qur'aan, the Book of Allaah.

A wise women builds the foundations of her home by the recitation of the Qur'aan and by following its message. If she is a Haafidhah or aiming to complete the memorization of the Qur'aan, this will only further increase her in guidance as she will be systematically connecting to the Qur'aan so as to imprint it into her heart. Hence, by keeping a strong relationship with the Qur'aan she will be able to drive the wretched satan away from her home ... without unnecessarily allowing others to interfere and without unnecessarily making her problems known to the world.

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