Mountain PathWeight Watchers is a well-known weight-loss program that many have used to successfully lose weight. Weight Watchers uses the PointsPlus program. Foods are assigned points based on their calories and nutrient values, and participants are advised to keep intake within a certain number of points each day. Weight Watchers works because it does not advocate crash dieting or restrictive plans. The program instead advocates that participants make lifestyle changes. You can lose weight quickly on the program if you make a goal and plan and carefully follow direction.

Weight Watchers advocates safe, reasonable weight loss goals -- no more than 1 1/2 to 2 lbs. per week or no more than 1 percent of body weight per week after the second week of participation in the program.

Step 1
Sign up for Weight Watchers online. It's your responsibility to keep track of points and stay under your target.  If you choose not to go to meetings and join Weight Watchers online, an e-Tool can help you determine your PointsPlus Target.

Step 2
Eat foods you enjoy as long as you stick to your daily PointsPlus Target. PointsPlus Values take protein, carbs, fat and fiber into account. Weight Watchers also provides healthy recipes online. Keep track of points by looking them up online, using a phone application or buying a points calculator, a device that tallies points values that you can carry in your pocket or purse.

Step 3
Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Each has a PointsPlus Value of 0 (excluding some, such as mangos), so you can eat as much as you want and still stay within your PointsPlus Target.

Step 4
Cut back on processed foods, which have high PointsPlus Values. Examples of processed foods include canned foods, white breads, packaged sweets, sugary breakfast cereals and processed meats.

Step 5
With eTools, you can create an archive of healthy recipes, watch food preparation videos, track points values and chart your progress.

Step 6
Keep certain kitchen staples on hand. Weight Watchers recommends always having boneless, skinless chicken breast, unsalted dry-roasted nuts, frozen vegetables and dried whole-wheat pasta.

Step 7
Exercise regularly. Weight Watchers points out that the appropriate amount of exercise varies depending on your goals. For weight loss, the American College of Sports Medicine suggests exercising for 200 to 300 minutes per week, burning 2,000 calories. You can achieve this goal with 60 minutes of exercise, five days a week, burning around 300 to 400 calories per session. If you're not losing weight as fast as you'd like, exercise more intensely or for longer time periods. You can also watch exercise demos on the Weight Watchers website. If you go to meetings, ask a fellow participant if she'd like to be your workout buddy.

Step 8
Practice mindful eating. Focus on the experience of eating and enjoy your food. Don't feel obligated to clean your plate. Pay attention to certain emotions that may influence you to overeat.