• Cut a 4" wide rectangle. long enough to go around your head like a band, with a couple of inches overlapping - or if you prefer, make the band long enough to tie behind your head.
  • Press a 1/4" inch hem along both long edges of the rectangle band. Fold the band in half, lengthwise, wrong sides (pressed hems) together.
  • Cut a rectangle large enough to cover the face. Double if material is thin. Hem.
  • Find the center of the band and the center of the face cover. Match.
  • Pin the face cover in the slit of the band (i.e. between the folded hems)
  • Leave an opening for the eyes.
  • Sew the two pieces of the Niqaab together. Sewing from one side of the eye opening out the the end and from the other side of the eye opening out to the end. Refer to diagram:


**Note** This seam allowance needs to be very slight, otherwise the space for the eyes will not stay open.  Add snaps or velcro on the overlap of the headband, to close (unless it is made long enough to tie back).