• Purchase .5m (1/2yd) of fabric. You will also need a piece of 1/4"wide elastic, 13cm (5")long.
  • Cut two rectangles with the following dimensions:
    • 34cm x 50cm [13"x19"] This is the front piece.
    • 28cm x 40cm [11"x16"] This is the back piece.
  • Fold the larger rectangle in half (right sides together). Stitch around the edges leaving an opening for turning. Diagram One. Turn right side out, fold in the raw edges of the opening and stitch closed.
  • Fold the smaller rectangle in half and repeat the same procedure as above. Diagram One.
  • To stitch the front and back together Refer to Diagram Two.
    • Find the centre of the front and the center of the back, mark with a pin.
    • Pin the two pieces, seam edges together, matching centre points.
    • The easiest way to sew is from the centre, down to the end of the back piece, then from the centre again down to the other end. *Don't fret about accuracy, just eyeball it.
  • Place the piece of elastic along the folded edge of the back. Stretch it fit the width of the back piece. Hold the elastic in place at either end and stitch in place with tiny ziz-zag stitches. This will gather the back.
  • See Side-View Diagram of completed scarf.
  • Place the "bonnet" on your head and tie the two long end at the back of your neck.