Recitations of the Qur'aan


Hafiz Abu Hajar Al-Iraqi, (may Allah hasten his release) his background is from Iraq and was born there although of Greek origin.

He was the Imam (prayer) of the servants of Allah feesabilillah in various places, he was held in Guantanamo Bay concentration Camp X-Ray, some say he is Shaheed, and Allaah Knows best.

Sheikh Mahmûd Khalîl al-Husarî

Sheikh Mahmûd Khalîl al-Husarî (d. 1980) was born near Tanta, north of Cairo. When he was twenty-five years of age he went to Tanta and established himself as a reciter. He was the reciter at the well-known Ahmadî mosque there. Ten years later he moved to Cairo, joined the Radio in 1944, and became the reciter at the Husayn mosque in 1955. In Cairo Sheikh al-Husarî also studied at al-Azhar University: he was a well-known religious scholar and author of many books on various aspects of the Qur'ân. He was also involved in the recent Azhari printing of the Qur'ânic text. Sheikh al-Husarî is known for the correctness of his recitation and adherence to the Sunnah, his distinctive deep voice and his long breath.  During his lifetime he not only recorded the Qur'ân six times in the transmission of Hafs (three murattal, two mujawwad and one mu'allim), but also recorded it in the transmissions of Qâlûn 'an Nâfi', Warsh 'an Nâfi' and ad-Dûri 'an Abî 'Amr.

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