hijabblueAalia: People tried to teach me alot of bidas (actions the Prophet saw never did) like puting my arms in the wrong spots, and making dua in congregation at the Masjid, and even tried to fool me with sufi spinning. Uh.... Yeah, I don't think so. I'm no fool. It didn't feel right, and it wasn't.

Pixie: I didn't know how to pray or that Muslims prayed different so I just prayed Catholic-style, hands folded and kneeling at the foot of my bed, reciting all the translation of the Qu'ran that I had memorised. I guess that's not so bad.... but it sure looked funny to any Muslims who saw me.

Fatimah: Yeah, I NEVER stepped outdoors in hijab, but I thought I had to wear niqab when I prayed. I also always wore gloves when I read the Qu'ran. No, I didn't have my period. Weird, I know.

Ange: I got told so many different things. One person was shia so they taught me one way, so when I prayed in the masjid for the first time I was doing things completely different to the other girls. I corrected it. Then for ages when I was praying I wouldn't do sujood in my first rakat, but did it in my second. My friend Ayesha finally pulled me aside... stopped me mid-prayer and told me "forget everything you know because you are too confused.. Let's pretend you have never prayed before and let's start again." She taught me right from the beginning and walked me through the whole thing from the start.

Hanoony: Uh, I didn't know that one had to wear hijab for prayer [after reaching maturity, i.e menstration] so I used to pray... naked.

Pindsay: I used to rap surah Al-fatiha and I used to say "listerine" instead of "siratal al mustiquim"

Pixie: When Aalia and Asma finally DID teach me how to pray when learning to make wudu I didn't merely wipe my hair over with water. I DROWNED myself.

Ange: A funny thing for me was my first prayer mat had the prayer actually written on it. So to learn the words (to Al Fatiha) I would have to keep moving around on my prayer mat to see the next sentence. I would be half way through sujood and half to scoot back to read what I was meant to recite. That's how I learnt to say my prayers... by playing twister on my prayer rug.

Pixie: When I heard it was good to recite a surah after reading al fatiha in the first two rakat I started memorising Surah Al Bakara... It took FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! I was like, I AM NEVER GOING TO LEARN THIS OR DO THIS. But with hardship comes ease!

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