Islam has great importance to supplicating. As it is direct means of communication with our Allah. Supplication is the means through which the Slaves communicate directly with Allah. This Book of supplication (Hisnul-Muslim) has a wide variety of supplications ranging from Morning and Evening supplications, supplications in the Salah, in anxiety and sorrow, when visiting the sick and many more.

Download this Book of Dua’s from Quran and Sunnah; memorize the supplications and learn there meaning too.

  • Beautiful Recitation of Surahs and Aayaat to be used in Ruqyah (Qur'anic Healing) for you to download - (Right click on the audio link and "save as" or "save link as" to download)

Part One and Part Two (MP3 Audio) MP3 Complete (Zipped)

Important Note: If you believe you may be afflicted we strongly advise listening to this recitation of Qur'an with a practicing Muslim present - many of the aayaat and surah's are "punishment verses" for the sheytaan and you may experience a reaction.


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