muslimahindesertAmong the greatest means to achieve the expansion of the heart and its tranquility and satisfaction is abundant remembrance of Allaah. Remembrance of Allaah has a wonderful effect of bringing expansion and tranquility to the heart, and removing worry and grief from it. Allaah, the Most High, said:

“Without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do heart finds satisfaction.” [Surat Ar-Ra`d, 13: 28]

This is because of the special effect that the remembrance of Allaah over the hearts, and the fact that the slave, when remembering Allaah has the hope of receiving a good reward and recompense from Him.

Among these things also is proclaiming and mentioning the favours and blessings of Allah on oneself, both the outwardly manifest, and the hidden. There is no doubt that recognition of Allaah’s favours and blessings, and speaking about them, is a means by which Allaah removes grief and worry from the heart, and makes a person thankful to Allaah. The station of thankfulness is in itself a station of sublimity and excellence, whatever the amount of poverty or illness, or other forms of tribulations that engulf him. When he compares the limitless and uncountable favours of Allaah on him, and the unpleasant things that befell him, he sees how extremely small they are in comparison with the blessings of Allaah on him.

In fact, trials and tribulations are such that when the slave is afflicted wiht them, and he does what is required of him of patience, acceptance and surrender, their oppressive burden becomes light, and their pain becomes mild. In addition to that, the hope that the slave has in the reward of Allaah, and his belief in the fact that he is worshipping Allaah by his being patient and accepting what Allaah has tried him with, these things sweeten the bitterness of the affliction. So the sweetness of the reward causes him to forget the bitterness of the patience.

Among the most useful things in this respect also is working with the teaching of the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallaam); in a confirmed hadith he said:

“Look at those that are below you (in worldly positions), and do no look at those that are above you (in worldly positions); that is more befitting for you not to hold the favours and blessings of Allaah on you with contempt.” [Bukhari and Muslim reported it.]

If the slave were to put this noble teaching in front of his eyes, he would realise how far he has been exalted and favoured over many people: in well-being and exemption from tribulations, in richness and what comes with it; and this is true no matter what his condition is. If he does this, his anxiety will vanish, as well as grief and worry, and his delight and joy with the favours and blessings of Allaah by which he has been placed above many who are lower than him, will increase.

Source: Useful Ways Of Leading A Happy Life, Chapter 3 Pages 20-22.