question_mark_cloudEveryone seems to be in the mindset of setting 'ibaadah goals. I think sometimes we become a bit unrealistic in the goals we set ourselves for Ramadan. A last trick of Shaytaan before he's locked away perhaps? "Go on", he whispers. "You know you can read the whole Quran 3 times!" (despite the fact that you have 4 children to tend for and a baby who wakes up three times a night!)

"You can't pray Qiyaam once a week! What kind of a Muslim are you?" he convinces you. "Qiyaam every day is the only way!" (even though you're pregnant and exhausted from all the fatigue and morning sickness"

So, what am I getting at here? We need to be realistic. Isn't Ramadan all about setting habits that we can follow through in the next year? What is the point of setting unrealistic goals if all we do is do all of that ibadaah only to do nothing once Ramadan is finished until next Ramadan...of course! How sad.

I think we all need to really be honest about our situations and set realistic goals according to our personal circumstances. Don't compare yourself to others dear sisters. It isn't about others. Its about YOU and your LORD. Whilst one sister can read one juz every day, another may find that very difficult. REMEMBER its about our intention behind good deeds that counts and not really the deed itself.

What we should be thinking about is what we can implement this month that we can inshaAllah definitely continue doing on Eid day and thereafter. Its about establishing good habits isn't it? Yes, we must exert ourselves this month but remember the life of a believer is not just in Ramadan.

I remember listening to a talk once where the speaker noted that if after Ramadan there hasn't been any differences in our ibaadah, character and habits then really our Ramadan has not been a successful one. However, if after Ramadan we have changed then it is a sign that Allah (Swt) accepted our fasting and worship.

So, sisters what good habits are you going to work on this month that you can continue thereafter? And in the same way, what bad habits are you going to try and eradicate? Don't let Shaytaan win in his attempt to try and fool you into becoming this amazing ‘aabid (worshipper) in Ramadan. Be realistic and then go for it!

May Allah grant us the tawfeeq to really establish good habits this month and get rid of the bad ones that are preventing us from nearing Him. Ameen.


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