wowsceneryTAWAKKUL is an attitude.  I have found this to be a simple and true  way of defining what reliance on Allah and trusting Him means.  That is its nature.  We possess tawakkul only if it is actually consciously present in our hearts and minds at all times, like a second nature.  It is there whether we suffer major life setbacks or soar in an inexpressible moment of bliss and facility.  Tawakkul is no “now and again” mood.  That kind of emotional or spiritual spike is typical of all people.

Tawakkul is special, the direct result of true eman in Allah, certainty in the Hereafter, and continuous remembrance of both.  This “attitude” leads to six convictions.

1. Allah has put me in this world temporarily for a test, and all of my good and bad circumstances are part of the test.

2. The test is about my performance in given situations, not about how good or bad my conditions are.  Regardless of the circumstances I encounter, the test is about how well exhaust all my efforts in achieving the objective of the religion Allah has prescribed for me to attain His pleasure.

3. My success depends on the quality of my belief (in terms of relevance, wisdom, propriety, tactics, strategy, and sincerity) and its quantifiable expression, the amount of effort I put in my striving toward Allah, not on the material results they appear to produce, regardless of what kind of good or bad circumstances I happen to encounter.

4. Whatever Allah has commanded me to do and the objectives He wants me to achieve  are the best things for me in this world and in the Hereafter.  My duty is to continue steadfastly on the task Allah has assigned to me, utilizing every lawful tool humanly possible and doing my earnest best, without worrying about the results, leaving that totally to Allah.

5. Real success is attaining the pleasure of Allah, not the results in this world. Whether my efforts bear any visible effect in this world or not, I must persist upon my course.

6. Whatever hardships, tests, trials and suffering I undergo in my service to Him during this earthly sojourn are all part of His plan for my ultimate success.  Enduring  them with contentment, with neither a word of complaint nor being disheartened in any way, is a part of my task as His slave, and I do so for His pleasure.

These convictions produce a winning state of mind.  The believer feels, “Because  I truly believe in Allah and  am doing what He wants me to do, He is with me, guarding me, and accepting my efforts. He will not let my endeavours be in vain, allow me to fail, or leave me unsupported.  No one can do anything to me that is not already part of His plan for me as His slave. Regardless of what transpires in this world, the ultimate success is mine, as long as I am  truly committed to His work.  If I keep the right attitude, come what may, I will be successful."

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “How wonderful it is for a believer that he always ends up with goodness. If he suffers and remains steadfast, it is rewarding.  If good things happen and he thanks Allah, that is also rewarding.” (Muslim).

It is a totally liberating, empowering state of mind that a true believer attains because of his trust in and reliance on the power, authority, help and support of Allah. He  feels contentment in serving Allah, with little care for the results that Allah alone decrees for his untiring efforts.  This brings tranquility to the heart, courage to the psyche, and an unparalleled resilience to one’s nature.

This is why the believer cannot be scared  by threats of loss, pressured into giving up, made to compromise, compelled to give in, bought out of his Islamic mission, or forced into submission by any enemy, tyrant, power, or authority.

Of those who have tawakkul, Allah makes the truest observation—which is also the most comforting promise: {Whoever relies on Allah, then He is sufficient for him.} (65:3).

And never does Allah fail His Promise.