Ahmad Ibn ‘Abdullaah Al-'Ijlee said,

“Abdul Waleed (Hishaam Ibn ‘Abdul Maalik) was a reliable and sound narrator of hadeeth in Basrah.He narrated from seventy women, and students used to travel to him after (the death of) Aboo Daawood At-Tayaaleesee.”

Who Was He?


Hishaam Ibn ‘Abdul Maalik was born in 133H and was a great Scholar of Islaam.

Those he narrated from include great Islamic figures, such as,

  • Imaam Maalik,
  • Imam Layth,
  • amongst others.

Those who narrate from him include,

  • Imaam Bukhaaree,
  • Aboo Daawood,
  • Ishaaq Ibn Raahawaih,
  • Adh-Dhuhlee,
  • Aboo Haatim,
  • amongst others.

Statement of Scholars About Him

Imaam Ahmad (may Allah be pleased with him) said,

“Abdul Waleed (Hishaam Ibn ‘Abdul Maalik) is precise.”

And also said about him,

“Hishaam Ibn ‘Abdul Maalik is the Shaykh of Islaam today. Today I do not give precedence to any of the narrators of hadeeth over him.”

Aboo Zur’ah said about him,

“He converyed half of Islaam, and he was an Imaam in his time, having great standing with the people.”

He died in 227H, may Allaah have mercy upon him.

Dear Sisters, it not a small matter that such a great Scholar narrated from seventy different women. We should consider what a high standing and rank these women enjoyed within the realm of knowledge and in comparison, where do we stand today in this regard? How few are the Muslim women today who even know of the legacy of the Muslim women of the past!

Source: Siyaar 'Aa'laamun-Nubulaa, Vol. 10, Pp. 341-347.