1. Milk Powder (Nido) 2cups

2. All purpose flour 2Tsp

3. Baking soda one pinch

4. Heavy Cream for making the dough.

5. Oil for deep frying

6. Sugar 2cups

7. Cardamoms 2

8. Saffron 1pinch

9. Rose water 1tsp


1. Make soft dough with cream, milk powder and flour.

2. Make sugar syrup by adding 2cups of sugar in 1cup of water. Add cardamom, saffron and rosewater.

3. Heat oil and make the dough into balls.

4. Fry them on medium flame until golden brown.

5. Drop them in warm sugar syrup and serve when soft.

Cooking tip: To make richer jamuns add some khowa while making the dough.


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