Hookah-Shisha-M-4010-Besides the overwhelming majority of scholars declaring it as haraam for the attached reasons, there are serious health implications. Check these health warnings from hospitals and councils and take heed dear Brother and dear Sister.

Shaykh Abdul Majeed (Islam Channel and Luton Ghurabaa mosque) dealt with a possession of an individual. He spoke to the leader of the Jinn that were possessing that individual, asking why and where they possessed them.

The Jinn responded that they possessed the person through shisha and that there were over 140 of them in his/her body. Jinn live in impure places and according to the Shari'i definition, tobacco is classified as impure.

Stay away from these places, Muslim and Muslimah, for your health and Eemaan!!!

Please read and forward the following leaflet and this article:

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