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About Wisam Sharieff

He is by far one of the most creative and energetic instructors of the subject around.  Students rave about the energy and enthusiasm in his courses and he has quickly become one of the most popular instructors at Bayyinah.  He completed memorization of the Noble Quran by the age of 16 at the Islamic Institute of Education in Chicago, Illinois and went on to study the science of Tajweed formally with Sh. Ahmad Wafa’a in Cairo, Egypt. Upon his return to the United States, he taught the science of Tajweed, Islamic history and Hifz for 2 years. Thereafter his quest for Islamic knowledge lead him to Quran Academy in Lahore, Pakistan where he earned a Bachelors in Arabic & Islamic literature. Returning once again to the States, he dedicated himself to teaching a very successful and popular Tajweed & Hifz program in Long Island, New York. He developed a unique curriculum for letter recognition, writing and fluid reading, that upon execution, displayed remarkable results among young and old alike.