The Project

ptimeCountless biographies of the Muhammad, who according to Muslims is the last Prophet sent as a mercy to all of mankind, already exist. The present work: Prophetic Timeline, an interactive timeline of Prophet Muhammad’s life, does not aim to compete with classical nor contemporary sources but rather use them to showcase his life in a unique interactive manner.

The content within the timeline focuses moderately on details of the accounts and historical facts but liberally seeks to draw out the deeper meanings, lessons and wisdoms of these events, which are applicable to the people of the 21st century as they were 1400 years ago.

More is known about Muhammad’s life than that of the founder of any other major faith, yet his story is frequently misunderstood, even deliberately distorted. It is the ambition of the Muslim Research & Development Foundation (MRDF) to create a product which would bring to light the character and personality of the Prophet in an unprecedented way. It is hoped to be a stepping stone towards attaching a social stigma to blasphemous, vulgar speech about the Prophet which the 21st century is witnessing all too often.

Timeline Features

The user will be able to access five main areas of information:

Events: The most pivotal events that took place during the life of the Prophet in chronological order, along with the important developments before his birth. As such, the timeline spans three eras: Pre-Prophethood, Makkan, and Madinan.

Audio: The ability to experience a high quality (BBC studio) voiceover recording, in true ‘audiobook’ style, bringing the events to life in an unprecedented way.

Lessons & Wisdoms: An opportunity to benefit from the deeper meanings, wisdoms, and lessons extracted from events, bearing great historical significance.

Edicts & Rulings: Elucidating the particular context and background to Quranic revelations and religious injunctions particular to a period. For instance, the obligatory injunction of fasting 2AH, and prohibition of wine in 4AH, etc.

Contentious Narratives: Narratives, past and present, aimed at misrepresenting the character of the Prophet, are examined and polemical rebuttals given, seeking to address some of the most widely held misconceptions about Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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