What If the Prophet Added You as a Friend?

Would you press accept?

Or would you stay awake late at night, pondering it before you slept?

Will you be tempted to press ignore?

... Will you feel at war?


Will you feel happy that the Prophet thought of you as a part of his Ummah, his friend?

Will you start to make amends?

Or will you be worried about what he will think of your profile?

Will it become your biggest trial?


Will you finally delete that horoscope application?

Will you change your favourite quotes to glorify creation?

Will you delete those late night webcam pictures without the hijab?

Will you look at your life and feel a stab?


As you add the qu’ran as your favourite book?

Will you feel like a fake, a crook?

Will you take a few days to make sure everything is within Islamic law?

Will your heart finally begin to thaw?


Will you delete your old conversations?

Or will you feel nothing at all and continue following your temptations?

Will you press ignore, And not think about it anymore?


No reason to worry about that possibility occurring

The Prophet has long departed

But Allah is always there Watching you and listening to your prayers


You don’t need to add Him as your friend instead think of Allah,

you can never hide or pretend He doesn't need your permission to view

Your wall-to-walls, your pictures, your comments, and your statuses too