Shaykh Saleh Al-Meghamsi (may Allah preserve him), Imam of Masjid Quba in Madinah, went through such a humbling, lesson-laden moment that leaves us with much to reflect on.  He relates his story saying:

heartm1I was in the intensive care unit, just beginning to regain consciousness after undergoing a 24 hour open-heart surgery, when the nurse in charge of me noticed a change in the blood. He informed a doctor, who informed another. A third doctor was then called, until 14 people, among them doctors and professionals, had gathered to discuss what they should do regarding my case. They were reading the signals from the devices over my head, and although I had no idea what the situation was, I could read fear in their faces. It seemed that the signals were not pleasant.

They called Dr. Adam, a successful Sudanese doctor, to come and see. He studied the monitor and concluded that there was congealed blood on the heart and that it had to be removed. The news came down on me like a thunderbolt . The doctor sought my permission, and although fear began to overwhelm me, Allah guided me to utter the shahaadah, followed by my head nodding in agreement.

I was disconnected from the devices around me, and the doctor left to prepare for the operation.

At that same moment, there stood to my left a Lebanese nurse who seemed to feel sorry for me due to the situation I was in. Allah guided her to gently remind me:

‘Listen. Salli ‘ala al-Naby (send blessings on the Prophet), and your Lord will relieve it.”

Instantly, like anyone would respond, I said:

‘Allahumma sallee ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala Aali Muhammad.”

Just like that, I said it.

I said it and all the blood came down.

The signals indicated by the machines differed, and they were unsure as to what had occurred. They called the doctor back. He arrived, looked at the screen and said; ‘Shaykh Saleh, what we wanted to do and rid you of, Allah rid you of it from above the 7 heavens.’

Ubayy bin Ka'b said, 'I said, `O Messenger of Allah, I send a lot of Salah (prayers) upon you, how much of my prayer should be Salah (prayers for blessings upon Prophet Muhammad) [be] upon you?' He said,

"Whatever you want." I said, `A quarter?' He said,

"Whatever you want, but if you increase it, it will be better for you." I said, `Half?' He said,

"Whatever you want, but if you increase it, it will be better for you." I said, `Two thirds?' He said,

"Whatever you want, but if you increase it, it will be better for you." I said, 'Should I make my whole prayer for you?' He said,

"This would be sufficient to relieve your distress and earn you forgiveness of your sins."' [Sunan at-Tirmidhi]