Alien scum how dare you come!
To these hallowed land of pies and plum!
Covered behind layers of veils,
You want to live in our hallowed vales!

Perhaps it has never crossed your mind
Our arrival was at behest of your kind
To these shores we were invited
At the behest of those knighted

Well what can I say
Now we all have to pay
Little can I understand you
Your face is blurred and hidden beyond view

My words are spoken and not drawn,
Have you ears for eyes my dear little pawn?
Do you wish to see the expressions of my face
Or is it the colour of my race?

True, it is ear and not eye
Perhaps pawn am I
Strange how quick I was to declare
My support for the single straw and its awful blare

They spin their web of lies
Stifling protests and cries
Is your life to end as dummies?
Wrapped by others into petrified mummies?

It isn't veils of cloth that stand
Beyond what I understand
But the veils of my leader's mind
Perceptible to all but the blind

Though eyes can open and see
Only when hearts understand shall we be free
Perhaps a flame shall flicker and a boy shall say
The Emperor's nudity is on display