Polygamy, hmm tell me my sister, what is the big deal?

Your husband, my husband can have up to four wives if Allaah may will.

Explain to him why you are stressing, cos it's as though all the responsibilities are on you.

Fast Ramadahn, guard your Salaah, obey your husband and do what you do.

We as women are not like the men. We take our husbands to be our best and closest friend.

But Allah did not create the men like the women.

Take two, three or four so don't blame him sister if he want more.

Why make haram for him that which Allah has made halaal.

If you deny him of this, then have the courage to stand before him looking all wild.

Polygamy is something that is easier said than done. On the brother's part and on the sister's part.


But don't worry about who he loves more in his heart.

This matter is with Allaah, so strive to please your Lord.

Your destination is the Jannah, this dunya is just room and board.

Sister please don't worry yourself with "what are they doing". You continue to do what you do.

Have your stuff planned out, laid out and be beautified for the time that he spends with you.

Yes I understand polygamy can be very hard on the first wife.

And for some of us it cuts worse than the sharpest knife.

But what about your new co-wife? Who don't know your husband like you do.

So, it has to be scary for her too.


Sure, go ahead explain to her how he like his meat cooked.

And she will share with you her favorite cookbook.

Remember you are striving for the Jannah, not only for the love of this man,

If he is your ultimate goal, then my sister you have the wrong game plan.

This deen is good advice and this is mine to you.

Don't worry about what they are doing,

just handle yours when it's time for him to be with you.