Fatima Barakatullah is a writer & public speaker and prominent Islamic da'eeah who contributes regularly to mainstream media. She is married with four energetic children Ma sha Allah. Fatima had a rich Islamic education at an early age thanks to her parents and went on to study Arabic and Islamic studies in Egypt at prominent institutes such as Al Fajr Center, Qortoba Institute and a college of Al Azhar University. She continues to pursue her Islamic Law studies here in the UK and through visits abroad and she has attained a number of ijazahs (scholarly licences). She has contributed to many documentaries and live shows which have been broadcast on stations and channels such as BBC Radio 4, the World Service, as well as BBC Television and Islam Channel. She also regularly contributes to discussions on London Radio stations. Additionally, Fatima has written for the national newspaper The Times as well as contributing to Times Online's Faith section, on topics promoting the understanding of Islam, and has contributed to a number of Muslim publications such as Al-Jumuah Magazine, Emel Magazine, The Muslim Weekly and is a columnist for SISTERS Magazine.Currently Fatima is an instructor and lecturer for iERA.



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