qurandrawnFULL NAME: Zabbaan bin ‘Ammaaar al-Tameemee al-Maazinee al-Basaro (d. 153 AH)

  1. He was one of the authorities in the Arabic language.
  2. He was one of the seven prominent Qurraa’.
  3. Abu ‘Amr Al-Basree al-Mazinee was born in the year 68 Al-Hijarah, and read in Basra, al-Kufah, Makkah, and Al-Medinah.
  4. He was born in Makkah, brought up in Basrah and died in Koofah.
  5. He had the most Shuyookh of all the Qurraa’ of the seven ways of recitation.
  6. Abdullah Ibn Katheer was one of his Shuyookh, and he heard Anas bin Maalik and others.
  7. Abu ‘Amr was known for his honesty, ascestism and scholarship.
  8. During his lifetime, his qiraa’ah became extremely popular in Hijaaz, Syria, Egypt and Yemen.
  9. The prominent narrators of his qiraaah were: Abu Zayd al-Ansaari, Asmaaee, Isaa bin Umar and Yahya al-Yazeedee.
  10. Two distinguished recitors who promoted his qiraa’ah were: Hafs al-Dauri and al-Soosi.
  11. In Sudan and Hadhramowt (Yemen) they recite the Riwaayah of Hafs Ad-Daaramee, who related from Imaam Abu A’mr Al Basaree.
  12. He died in Al-Kufah in the year 154 Al-Hijarah, may Allah be merciful to him.

Al-Imam Abu Amr passed on this famous way of recitation to Yahya Al-Yazeedee.  Imam Yahya then passed it on to the two known raawee of this way of recitation: Abu ‘Amr Ad-Dooree and Abu Shu’ayb As-Soosiyy.

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