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Level 1

Level 2

The Arabic Alphabet:


Makhaarij (Points of Articulation) of the Letters

  1. Huroof Haw'yah
  2. Letters of Aqsa-e-Halq
  3. Letters of Halq
  4. Letters of Adnal Halq
  5. The Letter Qaff
  6. Letter of Kaff
  7. Huroofush Sharjiyah
  8. Letter Daad
  9. Letter Laam
  10. The Letter Noon
  11. The letter Raa
  12. Huroofun Nat'iyyah
  13. Hurooful Lathwiyya
  14. Huroofus Safier
  15. The Letter Faa
  16. The Letters Baa, Meem and Waaw
  17. Ghunna

Practising Letters Which Sound Similar


Level 3

Fathah (Zeber) Practice
Joining letters Fathah Exercise
Kasra (zer) Practice
Joining letters Kasra Exercise
Damma (Pesh)  Practice
Joining letter Damma Exercuse
Long Vowel Fathah (zaber) with Letter Alif
Long vowel Fathah (zaber) with Letter Alif (PRACTICE)
Long Vowel Damma (Pesh) with letter Waw
Long Vowel Damma (Pesh) with letter Waw
Long Vowel Kasra (Zer) with letter Ya
Long Vowel Kasra (Zer) Practice Exercises


Fatha (zaber) with letter Waw
Fatha (zaber) with letter Waw PRACTICE EXERCISE
Fatha (zaber) with letter Ya
Fatha (zaber) with letter Ya PRACTICE EXERCISE
Combined Practice Exercises


Special Rules

Double Fathah Exercise
Double Fathah Practice
Double Kasra Exercise
Double Kasra Practice
Double Damma Excercie
Double Damma Practice
Upright Fathah, Kasra, and Inverted Damma
Upright Fathah (zaber) Exercise 
Upright Kasra (Zer) Exercise 
Inverted Damma (Pesh) Exercise 
Upright Fathah,Kasra and Inverted Damma Practice Exercise Combined

Practice Exercise combined

Special rule letter Alif (Hamza)

SHADDAH  (TASHDID)   double consonant


MADDAH prolongation

Maddah Exercise prolongation

Long vowel and double consonat

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