abstract flowers025He is who He is.

He is the Most Beautiful, the Most Caring and He is the Most Merciful.
He is the One we all look to, turn to and beseech, but yet He is the One we disobey when He grants us relief. He is the One worshipped by the hearts of those who have recognized reality, and yet in His Hand are the hearts of all Mankind.

He guides and we turn away.
He calls and we become deaf.
He shows us signs in our lives but we become blind.
He reveals, but we cast the revelation behind us.
He sends us His most righteous slaves, but we disobey, mock and belie them.
He descends to the lowest heaven, but we prefer to sleep and remain in heedlessness.
He planted the fitrah in our hearts, but we polluted it and neglected it.
He drives away harm from us and protects us much but in ignorance do we walk on and in arrogance do we live.
He sees our mistakes, sins and transgressions but He forgives because He is who He is.

He is my Lord.

He regulates our affairs and rectifies what we corrupt. He helps the helpless and guides the one lost – lost in this world or lost in his desires. He responds to His slaves when they call and His Mercy has indeed descended upon many of Mankind, but they do not know.

Were you to look for His Signs, your eyes would never fail you. Were you to open your heart to Him, then it would never require another comfort, for the light of faith will fill every chamber until you become a believer who walks with light.

O Allah, we praise You and thank You, but in our praise we fall short.
You are as You have praised Yourself.

O Allah, You are who You are and that will never change… it will not change with the tyranny of the tyrants, the disbelief of the disbelievers, the sin of the sinners, the crime of the criminals, the misguidance of those in error, the neglect of those whose hearts have died or the ingratitude and miserliness of those who care not for You as they consume Your blessings upon them.

You are who You are, and You shall remain so on that Great Day when all shall die and You will call out, but none can answer for all have been humbled.

O King of kings, You are the Lord of Everything and You are my Lord.