abstract flowers025Whether I’m in my room, or driving with my friends, or walking down the street, I hear music, if I’m in a desi community ill hear chalte chalte, if I’m in the hood ill hear jay z or 50 cent, when I’m at a shadii (although mixed weddings are haraam), ill hear even more mehndi songs and love songs, and as soon as the sheikh does dua for the couple, all the aunties will put on their laal dupattas and as soon as the sheikh stops, party time, why? when i first started it was like i was listening to main stream hip hop, then I went on to listening to celion dion, then i went to desi bollywood remixes, basically whatever sounded good, but now its like it’s not just about the sound, it’s about the wordplay and the content and everything about the song.

I mean put on like a nice song which you enjoy, whether it’s a hip hop or like desi song, try to listen to the whole song and not get any bad thoughts in your head, it’s nearly impossible, just recently before if wrote this I was listening to some hip hop, even though i narrowed my selection to positive and the song sounded good I still felt uncomfortable.

Some guys I have spoken to, argue that music is ok, as long as you can control it, and be conscious of what you put into your heart and mind. But human nature is that if he or she puts themselves in the position to be influenced in whatever way, then it will be in there mind, or psychologically effect them, it is what it is, so me, i would rather be on the safer side with spoken poetry.

The bottom line is that it’s so weird to like listen to the song, and know that I have beautiful Quran recitation on my desktop as well as nasheeds or bangin lectures, and honestly if you have ever heard quran recitation from the top reciters in the world, you can’t put music in front of their recitation, if you do, you got some major issues, even if you don’t understand it, the Arabic, just by you listening to it or reciting it, it clean outs your heart, and we know this because the Last Prophet (PBUH) said: “Verily the one who recites the Qur’an beautifully, smoothly, and precisely, he will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels. And as for the one who recites with difficulty, stammering or stumbling through its verses (because he doesn’t know how to read it but is trying to), then he will have TWICE that reward.”

Its such a big contradiction.

That is why I’d rather stick to my brothers and sisters doing spoken word poetry because it has no beat, straight halal, but see it gets real interesting, as you live life as a Muslim, you become more analytical of your surroundings and you become more aware of your actions and how they affect your everyday behavior, I realized that music hits me in the head so hard when I’m trying to pray, or it distracts me or gets me fantasizing about things which I don’t want to think about, and it basically comes down to this, look I’m not saying tomorrow you’re going to wake up and never listen to music again or i expect you to, I’m just saying, if you leave music alone, you will end up reading books and listening to audio which is worth your time, we have to stop leaving in this Mickey mouse dream world, but it’s always good to take the positive out something rather than just looking at the negative, so yes if you still listen to music and dance, just think it over, save the moves for your spouse, and try finding an alternative to your garbage music, music is straight up non productive, I mean progress is a slow process, gotta start somewhere, so yea stop buying 500 gb ipods and putting songs on there which you never heard of, rather make use of your audio device and be more moderate and just listen to something which you think will be more beneficial.

I’m a young Muslim dude, I understand this society, i aint trying to be extreme, i understand the whole desi arab party scene , and brothers and sisters trying to stay on the deen, you moslems as well as myself gotta step up our iman quick before its too late, whatever we put into our hearts is exactly what we are going to get out, and remember the ears and eyes are the window to our soul so inshallah… i hope this helped

Forget Britney Spears and her shaved head, I’m shaving my head when I go to 'Umrah and Hajj inshaa'Allah….