deathYour time is up; your body lies motionless, within a few seconds the angel of death has seized your soul. How can you describe the painful separation your body underwent as the soul was taken out from the body? The many years you lived in the world, your body and soul had become one and you never realised the difference between the two. As the soul was being extracted from your body, every single vein in your body screamed in pain.

You have now come to realise the true impact of the words of the Prophet (sallallahu a’lyhi wa sallam) , when he described the evil as well as the disbelieving souls’ reaction towards the angel of death, “…it becomes terrified, and clings to the body; but he extracts it (by force), like a skewer is pulled from wet wool, causing the veins and nerves to burst...” (Ahmad, Abu Dawud and others)

You tried your utmost to cling to this world; yet the angel of death is an obedient slave of Allah, hence he does not leave until he has seized your soul. At that moment the earth, with all its joys and treasures, closed its doors to you forever. You have no choice, you must vacate your presence in this world as your test is over and others have been assigned your space. Your destination awaits you and there is no turning back. The words of th e Almighty (subhanahu wa ta’la) have surely proven to be true,

{And the agony of death comes, in truth; that is what you wished to avoid.} [50:19]

The soul is now traversing the realms above and its destination is towards the Lord of the Worlds. On the other hand, your body has now started its journey towards the loneliness and darkness of the grave.

The word ‘body’ does not accurately describe your state.

You are now a corpse upon whom the process of decomposition has been levied.

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