Allah Almighty said in the Quran (2:260): 

“And when Ibrahim (alayhis salaam) said: ‘My Lord!

Show me how you give life to the dead.’

He said: ‘Do you not believe (that I can do that)?'

He replied: ‘Certainly, but just to bring satisfaction to my heart…’”

The rest of the verse describes how Allah Almighty showed him a sign and brought peace to his heart something that Ibrahim ('alayhis-salaam) already believed in. Sometimes you will feel like asking Allah ('azza wa jall) to show you a sign, just to reassure you that you are on the Truth and that Allah is on your side. If, at any one time you feel like that, make wudhoo', pray two rak'ahs and ask Allah to show you a sign. Then look out of the window towards the sky. One brother describes his thoughts when he did that:

“I asked Allah to show me a sign, on one of the days when I was feeling a bit low, and then looked out of the window at the sky. I was admiring Allah’s Creation, when suddenly I saw a huge, dark cloud approaching the prison. It was massive and looked terrifying- it came and overshadowed the prison. However, as slowly as it came, it drifted away and the shadow disappeared. I thought to myself that this is Allah telling me that no matter how bad your situation is, or how big you problem is, or how terrifying your circumstances are, there will be relief. Just like the terrifying cloud did not overshadow the prison forever, similarly every bad situation will not last forever: there will be relied after every difficulty, as Allah said in the Quran (94:5-6): “So indeed with hardship there comes ease. Indeed with hardship there comes ease.”

One hardship cannot overcome two eases. No matter how long the night is, there will always be a dawn at the end of it.

And the dawn always appears after the darkest part of the night.


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