floweryellowwhitepinkI have been through six years of infertility; tubal surgery and hormone therapy for endometriosis. I now have four children maa shaa' Allah, daughters – one before all the trouble three after. In between I have had seven miscarriages, all at various stages from six weeks to four months. We have tried just about everything except IVF, which at my age (41) is no longer recommended.

I had hoped for just one more baby before it is too late, qadaar Allahu ma sha fa'al (it is the decree of Allah and He does as He wills). I guess it just was not written for me.

When I married (at 14) I dreamt of having ten kids, one after another. I thought I could have a baseball team by the time I was twenty-five! It was not to be.

Al-hamdu-lillah (all Praise is due to Allah), my children are normal and healthy.

I am now a grandmother of 1 and 8 and 8/9. My daughter's second baby is due any minute now. May Allah strengthen her and give her a strong healthy normal child. May she deliver normally and return to health quickly.

Aameen (may it be so).