beautifulpurpleI have been going through fertility treatments for the past 5 years and have been married for 8 years now. Maashaa' Allah, I have a 6 1/2 year old son. I became pregnant in 1993 with him with no treatments. Me and my husband wanted to have another child, so we used no contraceptives after my first pregnancy. I was given many tries with clomid, but it failed. In 1997, I went to my Ob/Gyne to seek help for my problem. She put me on clomid again. I took it for two month and wallah (By Allah), I was pregnant. But, I miscarried at 4 months; just imagine, how devastated I was. Usually, if you make it through the first trimester, you make it all the way.

She told me to rest and let my body get back to normal and then try again. So in 1998, I tried clomid and was pregnant that same month. But again, I miscarried at 3 months. Then, my treatment took a wild turn. I took clomid for 9 months in a row, but to no avail did it work on me! I knew something was definitely wrong. I had ultrasounds, blood-work and even a semen analysis for my husband. Everything came back normal.

The only thing my doctor can think of was that since my sugars run high in my pregnancies (gestational diabetic), that it would be the cause of my miscarriages. Between 1997 and 1998, I had lost 25 lbs. I think it was because the diet I was following during my pregnancies. In 1999 I gained it all back.

I had read a magazine article on PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). The symptoms it described related me. Finally, I went to a fertility specialist (reproductive endocrinologist). Listening to me, she told me I have PCOS. She told me not to worry, that I can still get pregnant using stronger medications than clomid. She made me do an HSG, which is an x-ray where they put dye to see if there is any blockage. I had to go do a minor surgery; it showed that I had some extra tissue that was in my uterus probably from my last D/C. After that, I was put on injectibles. With PCOS patients, they have to be real careful. My ovaries got hyper-stimulated, the pain was really severe. She did not want me to through that again so she opted for me to go with IVF.

There are other options like injectibles again or even medications that help PCOS patients. But with medications, I would have to take those for at least six months. This medication is used in patients with Diabetes Type II. In non-diabetic patients with PCOS, it does not lower the sugar. This medication can regulate menstruation, decrease hair loss, diminish facial and body hair growth, weight loss and normal fertility. These are all signs of PCOS. I may even ovulate on my own and can use clomid, if needed. This medicine helps the insulin in the body, since the pancreas produces it so much in some patients with PCOS.

I have waited a long time, but I figured what’s a few more months. This is my story and Inshaa' Allah I will update you as soon as I get any news. This story is for sisters who may share what i went through, it is not intended for anyone to diagnose themselves with what I have. Sisters, please go and see your fertility specialist for your diagnoses. Good Luck.


orangeI'm replying back to you with some new updates on my treatment. As you probably read my history with infertility in the past article, the last you read was that I was going to take some medications that help patients with PCOS. Well that did not go well. I stopped taking them and went back to my Fertility doctor. She said IVF would be my only option now. My husband and I discussed it alot since he was against it at first. But research, especially on the internet, helped us decide that it was the right thing to do.

Now I will be explaining in full detail and day by day how the treatment was done. So it will be easy to understand for those that want to know what goes on and how during the procedures.

In the middle of Dec. 2000 they put me on Lupron which is a self injectable medication used in very low amounts to shut down your ovaries. Around the fifth day of my cycle she started fertility medications which is also self injectable. I took the shots daily for 11 days, adjusting the dose as my doctor told me to after blood test results came to see how my estogen level was going (it should be going high). But it didn't, she told me to stop this cycle and wait for my next cycle, but continue taking the lupron.

The first day of the next cycle was Feb 3, 2001. Four days later she again started fert. meds, but this time with a really high dose than before. With blood tests and ultrasounds regarding my ovaries were done every other day; she kept me on the high dose of fert. meds and lupron for 8 days. I was told to take the HSG shot which is a med to the eggs ripen for retrieval from the ovaries on Feb 14. On Feb. 16, I was brought in for egg retrieval and also my husband for his speciman. The next morning I was in alot of pain and had to go to ER because my ovaries get hyperstimulated after the HCG shot. They were the size of baseballs instead of almond size.

Masha Allah they retrieved 25 eggs. My doctor called me on Sun Feb 18 and told me that 23 of them fertilized. They would freeze the other embryos except two. She had decided that I was young and that 2 is a good amount to start with at this time. On Feb 21 I went in for the embryo transfer. It was simple procedure, no anesthesia is needed unlike the egg retrieval process. I was sent home after an hour and was told to take it easy and take a pregnancy test on Mar 5.

It was Positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went for an ultrasound on Mar. 13 and guess what? I have twins!!!!!!!!!!

They kept monitoring me with ultrasounds and blood tests and was told to go to OB/GYN immediately.

On a sad note, I lost one twin at about 8 weeks. They say most likely it could be chromosomal abnormality.

I am still pregnant with other one and it seems to be doing well. I am 11 weeks sisters. Please pray for me, as I will for You!!!