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Our vision is to deliver the message of Islam to millions of people in Africa and by doing so turn the Muslim minority areas into a peace loving progressive majority. We believe Islam is the solution to all the problems of Africa. Whether it is poverty, illiteracy, Corruption, HIV, disease or anything else, Islam will help solve some of these issues. Our method is based upon the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and we intend to deliver the message of Islam to every single house, village and city in southern Africa by 2060 inshAllah.­ Africa is one of the most receptive places to dawah in the World and the people are naturally inclined to Islam due to its simplicity and monotheistic beauty. l believe Allah will question us about Africa and the Convivencia Trust intends to help Muslims fulfill their obligation in the best way possible­.

- Adnan Rashid
Founder of Convivencia

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