penMany a pen has moved in the early hours of the morning and the late hours of the night, as philosophers, thinkers and writers exercised their minds, thoughts and emotions in trying to uncover the fine - yet apparent - realities of this finite and temporal world of existence. Many were so misguided that they even wondered and grappled with the idea of whether a Creator even existed, and others took it to the next step and wondered if God existed then what were His characteristics and what meaning would His characteristics hold for the human being?

Indeed our Beloved Prophet [saws] is described as having Jawaamiu’l Kalim; Jawaami' is the plural of Jaami’, which means comprehensive and extensive, and kalim is the plural of kalimah, which means utterance, saying, maxim or a few words. Therefore, the Prophet’s [saws] words carried a myriad of meanings and a wealth of blessings in them - although they were few and concise. The Prophet [saws] was so eloquent, that he would move his blessed lips to say the shortest of expressions containing the deepest of meanings, to the extent that it wouldn’t be an overstatement or exaggeration to suggest that trillions of books really seem incomplete in front of his one statement. This is why commentaries and explanations of his words continue flowing from the glowing spiritual depths of our respected scholars. One such statement, in which the Prophet [saws] unravelled what philosophers and thinkers have missed and continue to miss, is when he said:

“The most truthful statement a poet has ever made is the saying of Labid: Everything besides Allah is Baatil.” [Al Bukhari and Muslim]

There is no term that can adequately describe the word ‘Baatil’; it suffices to say that it refers to that which is null, false, vain and untrue. In short, it means that everything besides Allah has no true existence - in comparison to His existence.  Everything besides Allah does not have true value, only He has true value.  Everything besides Allah will perish, except His Being. Everything besides Allah may let you down, yet He will never let you down. People may never forgive you, but if you turn to Him He is Ever-Awaiting…

As you grew up, becoming accustomed to the pain and sad realities of this world, as the heart became accustomed to pain and deceit, you realised everything besides Allah is…baatil.

When you wake up at night and feel the serenity of the night, all asleep, except the Lord that never sleeps, you realised everything besides Allah is…baatil.

As you watch the super powers and their economies crumbling, you realised everything besides Allah is…baatil.

As your days pass, and your bones become dry, your skin wrinkles and your health declines, you will realise that everything besides Allah is…baatil.

When the angel of death comes to you and your beloved ones have no choice but to let you go, you will realise that everything besides Allah is…baatil.

When you find yourself in the darkness of the grave and you hear the footsteps of your friends as they walk away and the angels come to question you about your Lord, you will realise everything besides Allah is…baatil.

On the Day of Judgement, when the mountains crumble and the earth opens like doors, you will realise everything besides Allah is…baatil.

When the sun is above your head on the Day of Judgement and everyone is saying nafsy, nafsy [myself, myself] – and the Prophets send you from one Prophet to the next, you will realise everything besides Allah is…baatil.

When the Prophet [saws] goes down in prostration on the Day of Judgement, asking Allah to have mercy and to begin the reckoning, you will realise everything besides Allah is…baatil.

When, inshAllah, you look towards Allah’s Face in the hereafter, that’s when you will really know that everything besides Allah is… baatil, baatil, baatil…

Jareer [ra], said: "We were with the Prophet on a full moon night. He looked at the moon and said, "You will certainly see your Lord as you see this moon, and there will be no trouble in seeing Him….”[1]

O Allah, all is baatil except You; all is finite except You, but You are the Haqq [truth]. Forgive us and give us a place near You, as You gave to Your beloved ones, make us birds that fly under Your throne, roaming freely in Paradise. Aameen.



[1] Saheeh al Bukhari