bluishsceneryMemorising the Qur'an is not just about memorising the words of Allah 'azza wa jall. No. It's a lot more than that.

By understanding the meanings and by making a sincere move to truly live these words, you'll come to see that it's actually a magnificent journey...

It's a journey that takes you through paths you never thought you'd ever tread.

A breath-taking trip that will throw you into a sea of knowledge, cast you under the shade of guidance, ascend you to lofty clouds, and bring you back to the harsh realities of life – but as a hakim (wise one).

It will take you through paradigm shifts, open your eyes to the unseen and the unheard, it will challenge you, test your limits, break you down and then rebuild you from new.

It will teach you what patience really means, what endurance is, what reliance tastes like, where sincerity comes from, what it means to believe in yourself and most importantly, it will teach you that your success in life and this unpredictable path truly comes from Allah in accordance to who you are, who you want to be, and the level of your faith & driving force.

It is a journey designed so specifically for you, so unique to you. Don't run lest you stumble, don't dally lest you miss the signs, and don't stop lest the gale winds throw you off.

Days and nights will never be the same again. You will struggle with yourself and others, you will feel pains that only Allah knows of, but the sweet taste in your mouth will never let you give up. There will be dashed hopes, failed attempts, and you might miss the train more than once, but the ignited flame of passion within you, will not let you be, so you carry on.

You will be tested and taught your boundaries not as a punishment but as the greatest act of kindness you will ever witness: being shown that your barriers are just that; your barriers. And not Allah's. He will truly show you your strengths and increase them for you, show you your weaknesses and help you overcome them. He will make sure that you witness all the battlefields known to the Son of Adam; you will battle forces from Shaytan, forces from your surroundings, forces from your emotions, and you will battle the greatest force to reckon with: your mind and soul. Allah will let you fight in these plains, but He will make sure that you not only win the battle, but that you win the entire war.

As you endure and develop grip on this path you will start to feel physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger. You breathe on a deeper level, you see further than you did before, your heart captures what it could not before, and it dawns on you that you are emerging as a completely different person. Your mind is alarmingly clearer, your knowledge more vast, and your ability to understand and comprehend is more than you thought. The blessings in your life don't stop coming, you see the responses to your du'a, you feel the secure presence and serenity of Allah in your life, you are continuously being taught and continuously improving and the signs all seem to point in one direction: Go forward.

As you arrive in the end, you arrive as a musafir (traveller) arrives home, as a hero returns from the front line, as a beloved comes back home. You arrive with the greatest smile on your face, and a radiant glow in your heart. You look back and see that you've crossed over a realm and a world you didn't know existed.

As an enlightened believer you emerge walking with light upon a lighted path... Your name is the same, but you? No, you will never be the same. What just took place is a transformation like no other; promised to all who decide to take this route. Don't leave this world without treading this glorious path. Don't leave without memorising, learning, rather living this Qur'an. Angels align with you as your brothers, and Allah is guiding you back to Him for rewards that no eye has seen, no ear has heard of and no heart of yours ever thought possible. Wa billahi tawfiq.


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