quranimagery“This is how most laymen and students are like, when they exaggerate about their teachers or people [in general], or exaggerate about their lecturers and give them more [praise] than what they deserve. People abandon the verses of Allaah, and [abandon] the revelation about the greatness of Allaah, the greatness of Qur'aan, and the greatness of the orders and prohibitions it contains, and turn towards glorifying personalities. 

By Allaah, the hearts are saddened. If Hoopoe can be zealous about the right of Allaah, then what about you, friend of Allaah?

Don’t you see people praying in Ramadhaan and outside Ramadhaan, and a man returns home and says, “By Allaah, so and so [reciter prayed] really good this evening!”

He comes back over thirty nights talking about reciters, but never once does he return to his children and say, “By Allaah, the versus of the Qur'aan shake the hearts.” Nor does he talk about even one verse that commands or prohibits. 

He talks about so and so who enchants [listeners] and is innovative with his voice. He talks about the innovative lecturer who enchants [the audience] on Friday and performs extremely well. 

But he never talks about the Lord of the servants. He does not talk about the one who made [the Qur'aan’s] verses decisive and explained them clearly. [He is] the Wise, the Knowing. My great Lord is free from blemish! How forbearing is Allaah!? How patient is Allaah with His creation!?

By Allaah, there is no right that is squandered more than the right of Allaah. You see a person going back home, talking about so and so, even when the verses of Allaah are recited to him – [such verses that] had they descended on mountains, they would shook and been put asunder out of the fear of Allaah. 

He doesn’t go to his home and tells his children, “My children, I prayed behind the Imaam and heard Allaah say, “Oh those who believe, fear Allaah and be with the truthful.” So my children, do not lie. Allaah commands you to be truthful, so speak the truth…”

Has any one of us returned home, speaking about a command from the commands of Allaah, or any one of His prohibitions?

Source: Translated from his commentary on Kitab 'l-I`tkiaf, Sahih 'l-Bukhari.